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Since its establishment, LLD has been in the application field of industrial automation communication and has many years of experience in product development, sales and technical services. Through a number of software/hardware customized projects, we have accumulated more professional knowledge required by the vertical market, so that LLD can provide more comprehensive services.

With the trend of the Internet of Things (IoT / Internet of Thing), the CGate dedicated gateway (Gateway) developed by LLD can help customers quickly build monitoring and management system of the IoT architecture in energy management, environmental quality monitoring, remote maintenance of unmanned base stations and other related applications.

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2021.04.25 New product launch - EBox-AIO-009
2020.11.09 New product launch - EBox-AIO-008
2020.08.24 New marketing MV launch -
2020.06.08 New product launch - EBox-AIO-006CGate-01
2020.02.03 New product launch - EBox-AIO-005CGate-05
2019.10.03 New solution launch - Intelligent warehouse temperature and Humidity monitoring
2019.10.03 New marketing MV launch -
2019.10.03 New product launch - EBox-AIO-003
2017.08.04 Always at the Cutting Edge of Cloud Base Sensor Monitoring Era
2017.07.06 EBox-CGate-Application Central air conditioning Monitoring management
Next news coming soon..
Next news coming soon..