Always at the Cutting Edge of Cloud Base Sensor Monitoring Era

         It is IoT era now. It has been in our life everywhere. It has changed the existing industry too. How industry linking different environmental monitoring with cloud on the Internet has become a crucial issue

         It deserves noting that LLD have spared no effort to specialize on gateway solution that connect environmental monitoring equipment with cloud. We are fully familiar with SQL database, MQTT protocol and various relevant applications. For those who have demand on this regard, it is best to choose and cooperate with us. We will make uploading equipment monitoring data to cloud easier than using iPhone7.

         There are a series of EBox-CGate-Modbus products from our offering that user could be easily getting started. For example, EBox-CGate-Modbus-02 can carry out data read, write and storage from Modbus device. It is the optimal choice for IoT usage with all kinds of Modbus devices.

    EBox-CGate-Modbus-02 is with below major features:

  • Plug & Play, easy to set

  • Full feature web HMI, easy to operate

  • Active alarm

  • Database architecture on board, easy for cloud application

  • Add new Modbus device by yourself

  • Support Modbus TCP protocol