In the wave of the IoT, LLD mainly plays the role of a key bridge. It is expected that through a dedicated gateway such as CGate it can assist the needs of various monitoring applications with the fastest speed and the most friendly interface to complete the system construction of cloud monitoring and enter the new generation of remote monitoring architecture.

IoT Gateway : CGate

CGate is a dedicated controller based on a low-power embedded computer (ARM-Based Computer) plus "front-end equipment management function". It can also be regarded as an edge host, mainly used for managing various IoT monitoring applications such as energy management, and environmental monitoring, and also plays a role of front-end information supply for cloud services. No need for secondary program development, just through the web dynamic interface that everyone can operate, you can perform complete monitoring on the field side.

Other value adding and related products

  • Multiple I/O communication interface dedicated embedded computer

  • Intelligent remote monitoring I/O module

  • OEM/ODM service for cooperation with small and medium customers in different industries

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