EBox-CGate Application Central Air Conditioning Monitoring Management

         In the era of Internet of Things(IoT) that all sorts of things will be linked. The computer will be able to control and manage this series of items. This is the generations combining IoT with life.

         We have established a complete set of central air conditioning solutions. Whether wind turbine monitoring, mains water cycling monitoring or other monitoring equipments, all of them can be connected to the cloud network through our EBox-CGate and allow users to control the overall situation whenever and wherever needed.

  • Live real-time monitoring 、 Alarm emergency treatment 、 Record historical data

  • Through the SQL Database and Modbus-TCP protocol achieve cloud information synchronization.

  • Whether the LAN or WAN host can connect EBox-CGate for monitoring and management.

  • All kinds of host (computer, mobile phone, HMI ...) can be used in Web Console function that easy to use:

    • Real-time status monitoring

    • Instant device switch

    • Parameter management

    • Run record query

  • Using the air conditioning system with dedicated EBox-RIO module

    • With a flexible configuration of the I/O interface(according to the needs to adjust DI, DO, AI, AO number)

    • Directly used AC 24V operating voltage on the fan turbine side , no additional power conversion.

  • Easily manage multiple EBox-RIO modules

    • Actively query and record EBox-RIO module status

    • Transfer remote host commands to the EBox-RIO module instantly

    • Easy to add EBox-RIO module to EBox-CGate gateway